A Q&A with Contract Pharma: developing long-term partnerships when outsourcing

Outsourcing relationships have evolved over the last ten years. As companies refocus their in-house talent on their core business areas, this is driving the need for flexible and agile partners.

As a result, ‘true partnerships’ are being formed across the industry between sponsor companies and contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs), like Saneca. These long-term strategic partnerships ensure the continued supply of medicines that require capabilities companies do not necessarily possess in-house, while mitigating the need for investment in new technologies and equipment.

The success of these partnerships rests on a set of important factors, from expectation management to effective communication. The pharmaceutical market is densely populated and highly competitive meaning selecting the right partners, that can offer both quality and cost effectiveness is vital.

“In addition to a breadth of services and technologies, your contract partner should also have a responsive and experienced team that can help to overcome development, manufacturing and distribution challenges as well as adding genuine value to your operations.”

In this article with Contract Pharma, Anthony Sheehan, the CEO of Saneca Pharma discusses the evolution of CDMO-sponsor partnerships as part of a roundtable with other industry experts. They look at the areas where outsourcing is having the most impact, as well as talking about the future of outsourcing and what we can expect to see moving forward. Read the full article here.

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