Formulation development: what could 2018 bring?

Each year brings new advancements and challenges in formulation development. In this Q&A with CPhI Online, Dr Beata Vladovicova, R&D manager at Saneca Pharma discusses what we can expect in the year to come.

Firstly, Beata talks about the current trends in advancing controlled release technologies, as well as the use of variably-coated multi-particulates or bi/tri-layered tablets and dual release profiles, which will continue to be prominent as we head into 2018. The demand for these types of formulations is likely to drive the need for outsourcing in order to access the expertise required to deliver specialist controlled release development projects.

“Controlled release technologies, such as multi-particulate dosage forms, are giving the industry real options for drugs that previously have not been viable candidates as a result of stability issues or compatibility challenges.”

Another important area for 2018 is likely to be the use of opiates, an area which brings many patient benefits, but also complex challenges due to drug abuse. There are already developments in this area to find viable abuse-resistant formulations which could transform the use of opiates in drug formulations and it is likely we will see this continue as we head into 2018.

Read the full Q&A here.

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