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At Saneca Pharma, we have the technical agility and expertise to provide a wide range of finished dose manufacturing services to meet your requirements.

Saneca Pharma manufactures a variety of liquid, semi-solid and solid dosage forms based on over 70 API’s , with our solid dosage form manufacturing facilities producing four billion tablets every year.
Our onsite development centre´s equipment closely matches what manufacturing uses so formulations can be confidently scaled up and process issues quickly troubleshot.

Our finished dosage form manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Solids (tablets, pellets, effervescents, chewables, dragees)
  • Soft gel capsules
  • Non-sterile liquids (syrups, drops and sprays)
  • Semi-solids (creams, gels and ointments)

Security put in place to handle opiates at all supply chain stages means Saneca Pharma is  well- equipped to manufacture any non-sterile controlled substance formulations you may need.

By delivering both development and manufacturing services, we can simplify your product’s transfer to commercial production. Our responsive team´s analytical support, manufacturing , regulatory expertise, warehousing and local distribution can take your product through its life cycle (including in-house microbiological testing).

We believe our job is to handle manufacturing supply chain complexities so you don’t have to.  Our farm to pharmacy approach underpins everything we do.

Our facilities
Saneca Pharma´s wide range of onsite finished dosage form manufacturing technologies include:

  • Extrusion spheronisation
  • Wurster coating
  • Dry granulation/compaction
  • Low humidity processing
  • Bilayer tabletting
  • D-tooling
  • Solvent based granulation

We also offer a number of packaging options including:

  • PVC/Alu, Aclar blisters
  • Alu/Alu blisters (including under nitrogen)
  • Bottles (glass and plastic)
  • Tubes (effervescents)

If you would like to know more about our finished dose manufacturing services, please contact us.

Out-licensing opportunities
Saneca Pharma has access to a number of existing dossiers for generics that are manufactured at our site. If you would like information about products available for out-licensing, please see our product sheet.


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