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Saneca Pharma has unrivalled controlled substance expertise, in particular development and manufacturing of opiate products.

We offer fully integrated opiate development and manufacturing services to simplify your project. Our contracts with local farmers, range of technologies, security controls and logistics network let Saneca Pharma take your opiate challenge from farm to pharmacy.

Saneca Pharma enjoys  a long tradition dating back to 1941 of manufacturing opiate API  from local poppy straw sourced from farms in Slovakia, Hungary, and Czech Republic. We currently manufacture 15 opiate  API products  under cGMP.

Our opiate APIs are produced  from both extracted morphine and thebaine bases, as well as fully synthetically. Our opiate manufacturing services particularly include:

  • Codeine phosphate
  • Hydromorphone HCI
  • Methadone HCI
  • Dihydrocodeine tartrate
  • Oxycodone HCI

Finished dosage forms

We have the technologies and high level security to deliver opiate API manufacturing services in a variety of finished dosage forms, ranging from tablets and capsules to pellets and syrups. These formulations typically use opiate APIs manufactured on site,  greatly simplifying  the process for our customers and significantly reducing lead times.

In addition, our warehousing and distribution services mean  you can trust us to manage the full supply chain.
Saneca Pharma is a partner you can rely on from farm to pharmacy. Our opiate manufacturing services include:

  1. Cooperating with farmers to obtain poppy straw
  2. Cleaning treatment of poppy straw after harvest in partnership with farmers
  3. Transporting and storing  poppy straw at Saneca Pharma’s site
  4. Extracting morphine and other alkaloids and purifying them
  5. Chemically  transforming  isolated alkaloids ( from poppy straw) for API development and manufacture
  6. Producing opiate-based  finished dosage forms
  7. Delivering  product to customers

We are actively developing our opiate portfolio of both APIs and finished dosage forms. To find out more about our opiate manufacturing services, please contact us.


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